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myHummy – white and pink noise toys to help your baby sleep

myHummy soothing baby toys were created from real mother's idea to support parents in the hardships of parenthood and help babies sleep peacefully. myHummy baby sleep toys soothe, lull and help babies and parents enjoy a good night’s sleep. It’s probably one of the best heartbeat toy for baby.

Newborns love falling asleep with myHummy baby soother toy.

During the first weeks of life, newborn babies need conditions that resemble those of their mother's womb. They enjoy being warm, tightly wrapped and they like… humming sounds.

Newborns and infants enjoy falling asleep to the sound of white and pink noise because they remember this sound from the time they spent in the womb - the hum of amniotic fluid, the beating heart and sounds from the outside world. After birth, babies associate buzzing with the safe world of their mother's tummy.

The noises soothe and calm them, helping them to fall asleep.

That is why they calm down so quickly to this sound and peacefully fall asleep with the best white noise machine.

And just to help the little ones fall asleep, myHummy was created! The cuddly toy for falling asleep emits soothing noises, calms the baby down and helps fall asleep calmly.

How does myHummy baby sleep aid toys work?

Each myHummy toy has a humming sound device inside, which emits 5 types of white and pink noises to adapt to the needs of each baby: white noise, pink noise, the sound of sea waves, falling rain and the sound of amniotic waters with a beating heart

 The sound device is safely hidden in the cuddly my hummy toy. It’s one-button operated with the device hidden inside.

The volume is regulated and safe from birth - the sound device meets EU safety standards for toys and is suitable for babies as of birth.

Our baby soother toys can really do a lot.

myHummy for newborns not only hums, but also plays calming lullabies and beautiful pieces of Mozart's music (the functions depend on the type of sound device, for example a myhummy bluetooth version).

In our baby shop, you can choose from one of three types of sound devices and many shapes, for example myhummy sleepyhead.

Choose one of the humming cuddly toys to fall asleep. In the our shop there are several soft cuddly toys in various colors and shapes: myHummy Bears, Bunny, DouDou, Snoozy and Mini. 

Apart from being a humming slee ais, myHummy is also baby lullaby toy.

We have the dream to be the best white noise machine for baby uk, thus we would very much appreciate your myhummy review on my hummy heart which emits sleep assisting myhummy sounds.

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