3 noises

myHummy with lamp emits 3 types of soothing noise: white noise, sea waves and the noise from mummy's tummy.

Newborns and babies like to fall asleep to the noise because they remember this sound from their mother's belly. The noise calms them, soothes them and helps them fall asleep. The volume of the sound can be adjusted.



Lamp in 2 colors

The lamp gently illuminates the teddy bear's tummy in one of two selected colours: warm white or red.


Sleep sensor

After 30 minutes of noise playback, the mechanism mutes and switches to sleep sensor mode.
The noisemaker of myHummy will automatically switch on when the baby cries or there is noise in the environment.

3 calming melodies

myHummy with lamp plays beautiful melodies - lullabies and a Mozart piece in a calm arrangement, to lull older toddlers to sleep.


The myHummy with lamp mechanism vibrates to the rhythm of the heart to make baby feel like being in mummy's arms.

  • Wyprodukowane w PolsceLamp
  • Kołysanki3 White noise
  • 10 utworów Muzyki Klasycznej3 Melodies
  • 5 rodzajów szumuVibration
  • Regulowana głośnośćAdjustable volume
  • 30 minut grania30 minutes of playing
  • Głosowa instrukcja obsługi sercaUSB-C charging
  • Bezpieczne od urodzeniaSafe from birth
  • PranieMachine washable (after removing the mechanism)
  • Reaguje na płacz dziecka (tryb szumów)Reactions to child's crying (white and pink noise mode)
Mechanizm 3w1 App


Why choose the original myHummy?

The original myHummy meet the highest safety standards for toys. We take great care that our teddies help babies and are safe for them from the first day of life. We sew myHummy entirely in Europe- with great care for every detail.

myHummy play carefully selected and well-tested sounds, which help put millions of children around the world to sleep.

We have also added a lamp in two colours to the mechanism of the 5-in-1 myHummy®, which gently illuminates the teddy bear's tummy.

The myHummy with light is charged via the USB cable included with the teddy bear.


What functions does the myHummy mechanism have?

The original myHummy with light emits 3 noises: white noise, sea waves and noise from mummy's tummy. The mechanism also plays 3 calming melodies.

The sound switches itself off after 30 minutes. In sleep sensor mode, the myHummy®  will automatically switch on again if your baby cries or there is noise in the environment.

The myHummy has a light in 2 colours illuminating the teddy's tummy, which works both on its own and along with the soothing sounds.

The mechanism of the myHummy also has a heartbeat-like vibration mode.

How is myHummy with lamp powered?

The myHummy with lamp is charged via a USB cable. The original cable is included with the teddy bear. The time to fully charge the myHummy mechanism is 2 hours.