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myHummy myBunny - cuddly toy rabbit for children

Our plush toy bunny is a soft bunny toy pleasant to the touch humming bear.

The cuddly rabbit will be perfect from the first days of life and will serve the baby for a long time.

In the first months, as a white noise toy for babies - bunny baby toy is a reliable assistant in falling asleep.

And in the following months, the bunny becomes the first cuddly toy of a growing baby, which he can play during the day and cuddle to sleep in the evening. myBunny is also a perfect companion to a nursery, on a trip or on holiday trip.

It reproduces as many as 5 types of special humming noises to better adapt to the sleeping needs of the little ones.

My bunny is available in 3 versions of the sound device: , sleep sensor, a 3-in-1 version (which includes humming noises, lullabies and classical music) and bluetooth.

The 3-in-1 bunny toy, apart from white and pink noise, also includes beautiful lullabies sung in a whisper which make it perfect for an infant who needs a moment of relaxation before going to bed.

The 3 in 1 humming bunny also plays selected pieces by Mozart in calm arrangements, which have a positive effect on the development of babies’ brain, also while still in the womb.

The soft bunny toy is made of a soft material that has the required safety approvals and is safe from birth.

Long ears of myHummy bunnies will be a nice toy for a toddler who begins to discover the world.

A toddler can play with them, curl them, bend them or bite them while teething.

A practical pendant attached to myHummy my friend bunny allows you to hang the rabbit cuddly toy where the baby is currently napping - by the bed, pram or car seat while traveling.

The cuddly rabbit can be safely machine washed - after removing the sound device. The toy story bunny should be washed at a 40 degrees of Celsius.

The rabbit cuddly toy is made of certified materials that are safe from the first days of a child's life. my honey bunny, like all myHummy products, is made in Europe, in our own sewing factory in Poland.

Thus, we can make sure our products are of the highest quality and safe for you baby.

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