myHummy® has already helped

more than 800 000 babies and their parents around the world. Our experience in supporting babies' sleep patterns and growing up along with them has taught us how just much their needs and bedtime rituals change over time.

myHummy® helps people fall asleep and enjoy a good night’s rest at every stage of development, from newborn to adult.

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myHummy with white and pink noise

Newborns and infants enjoy falling asleep to the sound of white and pink noise because they remember this sound from the time they spent in the womb. The noise soothes and calms them, helping them to fall asleep.


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About us

We created myHummy to help other parents on their journey. We understand how wonderful, but also difficult, raising a tiny human can be. We are here to support you all along the way and recommend myHummy to help get bedtime back in check so you and your little one have the energy for the fun stuff. It really works!