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myHummy Snoozy - sleep aid for babies

We know how difficult the first nights with your newborn baby can be ... For new parents, taking a rest and a good night’s sleep are so necessary to be able to fully enjoy your baby time! It is with parents and babies in mind that we have created myHummy sleep aids.

my Hummy Snoozy (we call it myhummy snoozy or sleepyhead) is actually our little ball-shaped sleep aid - super soft and cozy, perfect from the very birth. It can be used long after birth and will become your baby's first playmate. The different sounds emitted by myHummy little companion support and accompany your newborn baby when falling asleep, providing immediate relief and calm. It will grow with your child and accompany him everywhere thanks to a teether, which can also be used as a clip to attach the toy. It makes it easy to hang Snoozy everywhere car seat, a cradle, a stroller ...

Our plush myHummy Snoozy bear has a special sound device inside, which will put even the youngest babies to sleep.

Like all myHummy sleep aids, it emits 5 different types of white and pink noise.

Why do babies like to fall asleep to the humming sounds of our products?

Newborns and infants know the sounds from their mother's womb - this is the sound they heard for many months before birth. That is why during the first months of their lives they fall asleep so easily to the sounds as they associate it with safety and warmth from their mother's tummy. The sounds, white and pink noise, calm the little ones down and help them fall asleep faster.

Choose your version carefully: a sleep sensor plus non-stop mode, a 3 in 1 version or a bluetooth version.

The 3-in-1 version, apart from white and pink noise, also includes beautiful lullabies sung in whisper which makes it perfect for an infant who needs a moment of relaxation before going to bed.

The 3-in-1 humming sleep aid also plays selected pieces by Mozart in calm arrangements, which have a positive effect on the development of babies’ brain, also while still in the womb.

Our myHummy Snoozy is made of safe and certified materials, suitable from birth. They have practical sensory feet that develop the baby's touch. Toddlers can play with them, grab them and chew the teether attached to the toy, especially when they are teething.

Even more practical, myHummy Snoozy can be machine washed (please do not machine dry it) in 40 ° C after removing the sound device.

Like all myHummy products, our myHummy bears are entirely manufactured in Europe. They are carefully sewn in our own sewing factory.

myhummy snoozy instructions are included in the set with your purchase.

We care for the quality of our products, thus please kindly leave your my hummy snoozy review.

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