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myHummy Mini - a humming pendant sleep aid

myHummy mini pendant is a smaller version of large myHummy teddy bears from the humming collection. It was designed to be functional and portable. That is why we are adding a functional plastic buckle. It allows you to easily attach my hummy mini where your baby needs it: when napping in a bed, while walking in a stroller or while traveling. It is a very convenient solution for takeaway.

The humming mini teddy bear can accompany your baby from the very first day of life and become a reliable sleep assistant. This is because a humming heart of is hidden in a little teddy bear! The heart of myHummy mini pendant plays as many as 5 types of white and pink noises: white noise, pink noise, the sound of sea waves, falling rain and the sound of amniotic waters with a beating heart. Each parent can choose the sound that is best for their baby.

Newborns and infants enjoy falling asleep to the sound of white and pink noise because they remember this sound from the time they spent in the womb - the hum of amniotic fluid, the beating heart and sounds from the outside world. After birth, babies associate humming with the safe world of their mother's tummy.

The noises soothe and calm them, helping them to fall asleep.

After 30-60 minutes (depending on the type of sound device) of playing, myHummy mini slowly fades away and turns itself off. The sound volume is adjustable and its highest level is in line with EU toy standards. We are very concerned that our teddy bears are safe. The myHummy mini pendant can be operated with one button without removing it from the teddy bear.

myhummy mini review is available in 4 versions:

-        my Hummy Mini basic

-        my hummy mini sleep sensor

-        myHUmmy mini 3-in-1

-        myhummy mini bluetooth

The mini version of myHummy will serve babies and parents not only at home during naps or at night. It is also perfect for a walk to attach to a stroller. It will comfort your baby to sleep on a walk and thanks to the convenient buckle it will not fall out of the stroller and will not get lost. The practical buckle will also be useful when traveling by car.

myHummy Mini pendant can be used from the first day of a child's life. It is made of safe materials that have the necessary certifications. It can be easily washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees of Celsius (after removing the sound device from inside the toy).

myHummy Mini, like all myHummy products, is made in Europe, in our own sewing factory in Poland.

Thus, we can make sure our products are of the highest quality and safe for you baby.

We make sure that our toys are of the highest quality and serve babies and parents in the best possible way.

We have the dream to be the best white noise machine for baby uk, thus we would very much appreciate your myhummy review on my hummy mini incl. myhummy mini sleep sensor..

myhummy mini instructions are included in every purchase.

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