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myHummy TEDDY BEAR: noises with sleep sensor, light, calming melodies and vibration. 

The myHummy Teddy Bear is ready to lull your little one to sleep. It has a soft, cuddly tummy and great sleeping power! It will quickly become a baby's first friend and a parent's valuable helper.  

The sound of myHummy reminds little ones of the noises they used to hear inside their mother's belly. That's why they absolutely love to fall asleep next to them - they feel safe, calm and drift off into dreamland.  

myHummy’s tummy can be gently illuminated, thanks to a lamp in 2 warm colours: white or red. 

myHummy’s sound device plays 3 noises: white noise, sea waves and noise from mummy's belly. Babies and toddlers love to sleep with those sounds - they calm down faster and fall peacefully asleep. After 30 minutes, the sound turns off and myHummy goes into sleep sensor mode - this means that the sound device will turn on again by itself when your baby starts crying or there is any noise in the environment.  

myHummy also plays 3 beautiful melodies to help older children calm down before bedtime. 

In addition, the myHummy sound device includes a vibration mode that resembles beating heart, to help your little one feel like being held in mummy’s or daddy’s embrace. 

The 5-in-1 sound device is powered by USB charging. 


WHAT myHummy 5in1 CAN DO: 

- 3 sleep-inducing noises: white noise, sea waves and mummy's tummy noise 

- 3 calming melodies 

- 30 minutes of playback 

- heartbeat-like vibrations 

- light in 2 colours, illuminating the tummy of the bear - this feature works both independently and with the sound on

- USB charging - a USB type C cable is available in the set. It is necessary to use a 5V mains charger to safely charge the mechanism.


Dimensions of the plush toy:  

- height 30 cm  

- width 20 cm 

Composition: 100% polyester

How to charge a mechanism of myHummy with lamp?

  1. Please make sure you are using the USB cable that was included with your myHummy, or a USB-C cable and not another type of USB cable. 

  2. Please make sure you are charging it with a 5V charger and not for example by plugging it into your laptop. This results in suboptimal charging. 

  3. Check that the ON/OFF switch on the side of the sound device is turned ON.

  4. For a full charge, you must leave the sound device to charge for 2 hours, until the red light turns green.


How long the battery of myHummy with light lasts?

myHummy with light was designed to help baby fall asleep and fall back asleep if she wakes up during the night, but not to stay on all night, as this would disrupt the circadian rhythm. In accordance with the recommendations of specialists we recommend turning off the light once their baby is asleep. The light will automatically switch off after 2 hours.

Here's an estimate of the battery life depending on the function (if the battery has been fully charged, using the USB cable we include in the package): 

Charging: 2h

Lamp alone without interruption (regardless of colour): 6h

Lamp + sound: 5h

Sensor alone: 17h +


How long is playtime for the myHummy with light?

The sounds in myHummy with light play for 30 minutes. After thorough research with families who were using myHummy, we changed the duration of sounds to 30 minutes, as this is the ideal duration to help most babies fall asleep. If your baby is still unsettled after 30 minutes of myHummy’s noise/melodies you can switch on sleep sensor mode or turn on the sound manually. 

There is a strange, clicking sound when I choose vibrations. What should I do?

Please contact customer support and send us a video that shows the problem. Also please send us a picture of the sticker on the sound device that shows the batch number, so we can collect information. 


How to change the sounds of myHummy with light?

  1. Please make sure the sound device is charged correctly.
  2. Press on the sound button twice in a row to change the sound. 


How to switch on the sleep sensor in myHummy with light?  

To program your sleep sensor, you need to first select a white noise (not a melody or vibrations) and then press on both buttons (the sound and light buttons) simultaneously until the light turns blue and starts flashing. This means the sleep sensor has been programmed.

You must not press on the sound button again, as this will deactivate the sleep sensor. 


How to activate vibrations?

Vibration mode cannot be combined with the other sounds and melodies. It is one among our sound choices, so please press twice in a row on the sound button until you reach the vibrations (after the white noises). 


 How to regulate the volume of sounds of myHummy with light?

  1. Please make sure the sound device is charged correctly.

  2. Now you can control the volume by pressing and not releasing the sound button until the volume increases. Once it reaches its maximum volume, it will start decreasing. Release pressure when you obtain the desired volume. 







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