Baby Bamboo towel - white

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Baby bamboo towel – white in size 100/100 cm

Baby towel – incredibly soft in touch hooded towel. It will be useful from the baby's first days at home. A towel with a hood will be great after a bath - it will wrap and dry the delicate skin of a newborn baby. A soft hood will cover the wet head.

The myhummy baby bath towel is natural and delicate. It is made of high-quality bamboo terry, which is why it has a silky texture similar to cashmere. The bamboo terry is perfect as a bathing cover for a newborn - research of this fabric showed that it absorbs moisture 50% faster than cotton and dries 20% faster.

To ensure that the bamboo baby towel has enjoyed a good reputation with parents of babies over the years.

The towel with a hood for a newborn is finished with an aesthetic trim made of cotton with silver ions.

The baby towel in size 100x100 cm is entirely produced in Poland. It was sewn in a manufacturer with the highest-quality and certified materials.


Dimensions: 100/100 cm

Composition: 90% bamboo, 10% polyester

Why does myHummy help babies fall asleep?

Is myHummy appropriate for any age?

How does the app work?

Can myHummy be washed?

How much noise does myHummy have?

Can you control two different Bluetooth devices via the app simultaneously?

Unfortunately, you are unable to control two myHummy bears from the same phone simultaneously. You can however pair each of them successively with your phone in order to control their settings. 

How long does myHummy play sounds for?

myHummy plays sounds for 60 minutes and then gradually fades out. After that, the models featuring the Sleep Sensor go into stand-by mode in which the sound comes on again if the baby starts to stir or if there is an increase in background noise. 

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