Bamboo blanket - ecru

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Bamboo blanket - ecru

Bamboo blanket - a delicate bamboo blanket for babies is one of the basic products for a newborn baby. It will be useful for the mother from the first moments after the birth, while still in the hospital, until the baby is cuddled up.

Bamboo blanket - a baby blanket suitable from the first moments after birth. Delicate and pleasant to the touch, the bamboo blanket will give your baby a pleasant hug and warm it while sleeping or feeding.

The bamboo blanket is very delicate and pleasant to the touch, so it will not irritate the delicate and sensitive skin of a newborn. It can be used from the first days of a child's life and will serve for many months, also for an older child.

A bamboo baby blanket will be perfect for covering your baby during a nap at home, but also during a walk in a stroller or on a trip.

The bamboo bamboo blankets are very light and flexible. They are entirely manufactured in Europe. We sew them with great care in our own sewing factory in Poland The newborn blanket is made of bamboo fiber in combination with high-quality cotton.


Composition: 50% cotton 50% bamboo

Dimensions of the bamboo blanket: 85 cm / 110 cm

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Can you control two different Bluetooth devices via the app simultaneously?

Unfortunately, you are unable to control two myHummy bears from the same phone simultaneously. You can however pair each of them successively with your phone in order to control their settings. 

How long does myHummy play sounds for?

myHummy plays sounds for 60 minutes and then gradually fades out. After that, the models featuring the Sleep Sensor go into stand-by mode in which the sound comes on again if the baby starts to stir or if there is an increase in background noise. 

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