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Baby accessories

Baby accessories

In our shop, apart from myHummy teddy bears with the humming sound devices, there is also a beautiful collection of baby items.

In our shop, you can find newborn accessories like: a soft pocket for myHummy sound device. It is a handy, soft pocket easily closed with Velcro. You can hide the humming sound device inside when it is difficult to take a larger myHummy teddy bear with you - when on a walk or while traveling. The heart-shaped pocket has a teether pendant thanks to which, you can conveniently hang your heart pocket on a pram, car seat or to a bag.

In our shop you can also buy baby accessories uk like the teddy bear from the myHummy collection, without the sound device. Soft and pleasant mascots will surely steal the hearts of toddlers. All the baby accessories are entirely produced in Poland, in our own sewing factory.

The list of baby shower accessories can be also found in gifts for newborn baby and mother section.

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