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Travel humming heart pouch

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The humming heart pouch (heart travel) is a handy and soft plush bag for our sound devices.

The cute pouch bag is made of a nice-to-touch Minky fabric and fastened with Velcro so that the teddy's sound device is safely hidden inside.

The pocket has a special pendant that can also be used as a teether. It allows you to quickly and conveniently attach the pouch, with the sound device inside, to a baby stroller, car seat or your bag with toddler's belongings. It will be perfect in situations where you cannot take a large myHummy toy with you. Amongst toy pouches for travel, it is perfect to use when traveling by car, going for a walk or during a flight by plane. Your little one will be able to sleep peacefully listening to the calming sounds one knows from home sleep routines.


The humming pouch is a plush toy bag and is made of certified material that is safe for the youngest children. It can be easily washed in the washing machine (without the humming mechanism) and dried in a drying machine.

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