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My hummy app 


Bluetooth is not enabled on this device. What should you do?

Please check whether the Bluetooth function has been enabled.

No connection with the device. What should you do?

The Bluetooth technology used in your myHummy has certain limitations, including range and reaction time. Try moving your smartphone closer to your myHummy and waiting for a moment. Connection is signalled by the bear head icon at the centre top of the screen. The app does not work when this head icon is grey. Note: make sure that Bluetooth functionality is enabled in your smartphone.

What should you do when your Sleep Sensor is too sensitive?

If you feel that the Sleep Sensor isn’t working correctly, contact us at to get technical help with adjusting the settings.

Does the app work with older versions of myHummy?

The app works with humming mechanism models MB01 and MB02; this is the mint-coloured, heart-shaped mechanism with a white bear head. Other mechanisms are not compatible with the app.

Why can’t I download the app?

The app only works on devices fitted with Android version 4.4 or newer and with iOS 8.0 or newer. Make sure that your operating system is compatible with the app.