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Gifts for newborn

The first visits of friends and family paid to your newborn baby are full of great emotions, great joy and sometimes a little stress.

What to buy? What gift will please parents and be useful for the baby? Stores are full of toys, blankets and clothes, so the choice is really difficult.

In our humming shop we have several suggestions for gifts for newborn boys and girls.

Our sets will be useful for every new parent and will serve babies from birth for the next months of life.

Are you looking for best gifts for newborn twins? A gift for baby - recommended sets

Every mother knows that one of the basic products for a baby, which will be useful in any amount, are textile nappies. We recommend bamboo nappies which are perfect from the first moments of a child's life.

myHummy nappies are made of high-quality natural bamboo fibers. They are pleasant to the touch and soft, they will be perfect as a gift for a newborn. They will also be useful for wiping the little delicate baby body and as a light cover. Bamboo diapers are definitely a great gift for a newborn and the mother.

We also recommend a set of bamboo swaddles. They are extremely delicate and soft. From the very first moments of life, parents can hug their baby so that they feels like in his mother's tummy. myHummy swaddles are perfect for this. High-quality bamboo fibers will not irritate the sensitive skin of a newborn, they are anti-allergic and antibacterial. Such a set will be a great gift for a baby and their parents.

A gift for a newborn - it will definitely come in handy. In the myHummy store, we also have several gift sets for a newborn with our humming teddy bears. myHummy will quickly become your baby’s first friend and parents' helper. It is a perfect gifts for parents of newborn. Our humming sleep aid teddy bears are available in various shapes and can be combined with swaddles or teddy bear pillows.

All sets will be perfect from the first day of baby's life and will surely be serve parents for a long time.

Gifts for babies straight from Poland.

All sets of gifts for newborns in our store are entirely produced in Poland.

We sew them in our own sewing factory. We guarantee that our baby gifts are of highest quality and safe even for the youngest children.

Our list of gifts for a newborn baby include:

-        gifts for newborn baby girl

-        gifts for newborn twins

-        newborn gifts for mom

-        gifts for newborn baby boy

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