Myth busting

Humming sounds have been used for centuries to calm unsettled babies. When you hold a crying baby in your arms, you tend to instinctively hold them tight, rocking and shushing to try and calm them. The magic of white noise (these shushing sounds) is real, however, some parents are concerned about using electronic devices emitting white noise next to their baby. Do they have a reason to worry?

Can white and pink noise have a negative effect on my baby?

No! White and pink noise can be described as a combination of a full spectrum of sounds perceived by the human ear. These are sounds similar to what your baby heard in the womb. Babies perceive them as pleasant and soothing. This is why when babies hear such sounds, they relax quickly and quite often fall asleep.

Of course, it is important for your baby to get used to the sounds of the outside world, so the use of white and pink noise can be restricted when possible. A perfect solution is myHummy bear’s Sleep Sensor function. When this function is activated, after the initial play time, the bear enters the 12 hours standby mode. It will then listen in for any signs of your baby waking or any background noises. If such noise is detected, your chosen sound will gently fade in and soothe your baby back to sleep.

Our baby sleeps very well. Are white and pink sounds still necessary

myHummy bears are not only for absolute emergencies only. It is a good idea to add white or pink noise to baby’s evening routine. Soothing your baby before night rest helps them feel safe and relaxed. These sounds tune out any disturbing background noises, such as traffic or next-door neighbours. It can also be helpful in situations which are particularly stressful for babies, for instance at the time of colic and teething. When it comes to using white and pink noise, listen to your baby. Some babies might prefer the rainfall sound on medium volume, while for others these settings will make no difference at all. It might take a little while until you find the setting your baby likes most but it’s certainly worth a try.

Can my baby become addicted to to white and pink noise?

Babies are used to such sounds from the time they were in the womb. Adding white and pink noise to your baby’s environment will not get them addicted but will help create safe and soothing environment for them. If you notice that your little one cannot fall asleep without the myHummy bear, this doesn’t mean that they are addicted to white or pink noise. It simply means that they still need it. With time, your little one will no longer rely on sleep aids to have a good night. myHummy bears can also be a valuable support for older children. They can reach for an old friend when they need to wind down after a busy day.

Can white noise damage my baby’s hearing?

You need to pay close attention to the volume of the sound. If you use devices not intended for children, there is some risk that the noise will be too loud.

myHummy bears have been designed especially for the youngest ones and their sensitive hearing. They have undergone rigorous safety tests and they are completely safe from day one, even at the loudest setting.

The volume of white or pink noise should be adjusted to your baby’s liking. Some might prefer to fall asleep better to louder sounds, whilst others would rather have quieter sounds in the background.

For the fussier sleepers, you can use your myHummy remotely (Bluetooth models only) and change volume settings when required, without having to go in to your little one’s room. This way, you could choose to start with white noise at a louder volume (to help your baby fall asleep easier), then remotely change to pink noise and turn the volume down. After the set play time, the bear will slowly turn the volume down and switch off. And if you select the Sleep Sensor mode – myHummy will get triggered whenever any background noise is detected and your chosen sound will gently fade in every time. How amazing is this?!

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