Do myHummy bears work from the very first use?

Children have different ways of falling asleep. The purpose of adding white or pink noise to the evening ritual is to help your baby relax and fall asleep peacefully. But will myHummy bears work from the very first use?

Safety and comfort

Being close to another person is the absolute key for a baby in the first year of life. And parents can give babies exactly what they need to feel safe and comfortable: the warmth of a hug, soothing sounds resembling those your baby remembers from the womb, soft light, steady milk supply, dry nappy or rocking.

myHummy is here to help

myHummy bears emit sounds that promote relaxation in young children (and adults!): white and pink noise, mum’s heartbeat, the sound of waves and rain. These sounds will remind your little one about the time spent in the womb. Because of this comforting association, most newborns and infants will quickly drift off to sleep with the help of myHummy. Is there a better sight than a sleeping baby?

Click and sleep

Babies don’t have to “learn” how to use myHummy, because for them the bear’s sound is like going back to their first home: the womb. It is natural and soothing at the same time. This is why most babies will most likely fall asleep soon after you switch your myHummy on, even during the first use

Shushing sounds are one of the five elements of Dr Harvey Karp’s 5S method for calming crying babies. If you have an exceptionally upset baby, just introduce the remaining elements of Dr Karp’s method (swaddling, side or stomach position, swinging and sucking)and this should help them relax. Naturally, the back is the only safe position for sleeping but it’s the worst position for calming fussiness.

Of course, babies can be quite picky and not every sound and solution will work for all babies. This is perfectly normal and it sometimes might take a few attempts to find the best sound setting of myHummy to suit your little one.

I can’t fall asleep without you

Many parents might wonder if their baby will become too dependent on white and pink noise. How can you eventually wean your baby off these familiar sounds? It’s important to understand that for your little one white or pink noise is like a haven of peace and quiet, masking other background noises and promoting rest. If used within recommended volume levels, this method is completely safe and is also used in neonatal care units.

There is nothing to worry about if your baby doesn’t want to fall asleep without the familiar soothing sound. When your baby is ready, they will become less reliant on white or pink noise. You can also easily phase it out when the time is right by loweing the volume night after night. In fact, white and pink noise can have beneficial effects on other family members as well. It is not uncommon for parents to fall asleep along with their little one when their myHummy bear is on ?

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