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Will myHummy bears work for any baby?


Will myHummy bears work for any baby?

Will myHummy bears work for any baby?

Every child unique – that’s for sure! So, are myHummy bears going to work for each baby?

What does the myHummy bear sound like?
All bears from myHummy families (the Smarthearts, the Sleephearts and the Sweethearts alike), play five types of sounds. These resemble: the sound of sea waves, rain, heartbeat, white noise and pink noise. We have selected these sounds as they are widely recognized as soothing, calming and lulling, both for newborns and older children.

Inside each myHummy bear in goes a Humming Heart: the sound-emitting device. Our Bluetooth bears have a special power – thanks to an integrated smartphone app, you can remotely change the bear’s settings, including the sound played, volume level, sound duration, as well as activate the Sleep Sensor or non-stop mode.

To accommodate every child’s needs
No two children are the same. Some children will be fast asleep a few seconds after they hear the oh-so familiar soothing sound. Others will need a little bit more help from both their parents and the myHummy bear. Some newborns will prefer the sound of heartbeat, bringing them back to the safety of the womb. However, after some time, their preferences may change and pink noise can become their favourite. What is most important is to follow your baby’s lead and adjust the myHummy settings as and when needed.

You may notice that your little one can also fall asleep without the sounds emitted by the myHummy bear. A good idea then is to use pink noise to maintain peaceful sleep. This way, you’re not risking that any unexpected background noises will startle your little one.

myHummy bear can also help during the evening routine. The beloved bear humming quietly in the background during a bath, massage or book reading will promote soothing and relaxation.

myHummy bear can help newborns and babies going through painful colic and teething. Shushing, one of the five key elements of the 5S method, developed by world-famous paediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp, is a monotonous sound that relaxes and soothes the little ones when they are going through a difficult time.

Mindfulness and alertness
Each child is different and so are their needs. Mum’s loving presence since the moment of birth gives the child exactly what is best for them.

Being mindful of the baby’s needs and following the advice on our website will help you learn how and when to use your myHummy bear’s help. It may also happen that at a certain stage the sounds will not help your baby or your little one might not be keen on the settings you initially selected. You can then try adjusting the settings or wait a little while before introducing the bear again. It’s certainly worth a try!