White noise - advantages, application


White noise - advantages, application

White noise - advantages, application

The sound of a dryer, a vacuum cleaner or a cooker hood (all of these being types of white noise machine) - parents of newborns know these sounds well from their toddler's evening rituals. These home appliances emit the so-called White noise, which for many years has been considered helpful in relaxing and falling asleep. How does white noise work and why do babies like white noise?

What is white noise sound? What is a white noise machine? 

White noise is not a discovery of household appliances manufacturers, but a sound well-known in nature. Scientifically, it can be described as a monotonous sound, the intensity of which is uniform throughout the emitted frequency range. There are no individual sounds of a different pitch.

White noise meaning is also the name of sounds that mask other sounds in the environment.


Types of white noise

Sometimes we hear the sounds masking other sounds more intensely, others deeper or as higher sounds. All because white noise - depending on its intensity and frequency range - can be divided into several colours. The most popular of them are:

Pink noise - very similar to white noise. It differs in that it has limited higher frequencies. To use an example, when it’s raining outside and you are at home, white noise is the sound of rain you hear with the window open and pink noise will be the sound of the same rain with the widow closed.

Brown noise - does not contain high frequency sounds and at lower frequencies it is stronger and deeper.

Blue noise is high-frequency white noise. It increases in volume with increasing frequency, but slower than purple noise.

Purple noise - Picks up quickly in the higher frequency range.


White noise baby - application

Parents of newborns do not need to be convinced that babies love to sleep with white noise. In the past, there were hair dryers or vacuum cleaners used next to the bed, today they are helped by myHummy white noise baby toy teddy bears. This method is well-researched by scientists and effective. More than 30 years ago, British scientists conducted an experiment confirming that the pulse of newborns falling asleep to the sound of white noise slows down and newborns go to sleep faster than babies put to sleep without the sound of white noise.

Why is white noise relaxing? Why does white noise help sleep? Because babies heard similar sounds in their mother's womb. Such noises accompanied them in fetal life, and therefore, after birth, they associate them with warmth and safety. That is why they calm down faster and fall asleep peacefully. A peaceful and long sleep is essential for the proper development of a baby.


What is white noise used for?

But white noise doesn't just help babies. White noise machine also has a positive effect on the sleep of older children and adults. It supports therapy in people suffering from insomnia. White noise softens background noises that can make it difficult to calm down and fall asleep.

It is worth knowing that white and other “shades” of noises affect not only sleep! According to scientists, brown noise also helps to improve concentration and increases efficiency during work or study.

Research also confirms that white noise can enhance lexical learning, which means that listening to white noise can improve some aspects of cognitive ability in people with attention span and concentration problems. It has even been shown that white noise has a beneficial and calming effect in children with autism and ADHD.


How loud should white noise be for baby?

In accordance with the safety standards for toys, the sound level in devices for children should not exceed 60 db. All humming teddy bears from the myHummy collection are certified, tested and safe.

myHummy emit as many as 5 types of noise and pink noises - white noise, pink noise, the sound of the sea, falling rain and amniotic waters with a beating heart. They are all safe from birth.


Remember to use white noise machines for a maximum of 1-1.5 hours.

In the case of using white noise sounds as a therapeutic method in older children and adults, we recommend consulting a physician with an appropriate specialization.


How loud should white noise be for baby?

Your safety is a priority! myHummy® meets the safety standards for toys designed for children 0+ and does not exceed the acceptable safe volume of 60dB.

Also, remember to use the Shumisie® 50cm away from baby's head.

When to stop using white noise for baby?

As mentioned above, white noises have therapeutic effect in all age groups. Thus, there’s no limit on when to stop using white noise machines. The only limitation is the one your child chooses. When your baby decides that white noise is no longer needed, you will know. It usually happens around 1-2 years of age. Children develop and their needs change too. Once they grow out of white noise, they often turn to lullabies, which you can also find in our portfolio.

it is worth making sure that your baby sleeps well and long enough from the first moments of life. This is the best we can do for our baby!

For more information please visit our myHummy shop or contact us. myHummy® has already helped more than 800 000 babies and their parents around the world. Our experience in supporting babies' sleep patterns and growing up along with them has taught us how just much their needs and bedtime rituals change over time. We’ll be happy to help.