When will myHummy bears work best?


When will myHummy bears work best?

When will myHummy bears work best?

myHummy bears are exceptionally hard-working. Lulling children to sleep is not their only job. Below we listed some of the practical uses of our amazing bear-heroes.

After birth
myHummy bears can be safely used from the very first day of life. They are widely used in neonatal care units to help premature babies get adjusted to unknown sounds from the first minutes after birth.

A bear that helps in colic
Between 3 weeks and the end of 3 months of life, babies may experience colic. One of the common symptoms is crying which is difficult to soothe and which really puts parents’ patience to test.

The recommendations of famous paediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp, may prove helpful. The 5S method combines shushing, swaddling, side or stomach position, swinging and sucking. This will make your little one feel safer and chances are the shushing sounds will be enough to help settle your baby.

The 5S method can be adjusted to the needs of each individual baby. A sling will work for some babies while for others gentle rocking in your arms while you bounce on a yoga ball will be a better choice. Adding white or pink noise to that can help soothe both you and your baby, as seeing your little one crying for long periods of time – and very little you can do to help at the same time –  can be really stressful for you too…

The second most difficult time for the baby (and you!) is teething. Your baby might be teething between 6 and 30 months of life. With swollen and sore gums, babies suffer and can be very irritable. The 5S method and the soothing effect of myHummy bears can also prove invaluable in this difficult time.

It might be helpful to use white and pink noise to help soothe your teething baby. You can also switch on one of the five types of sounds while you are playing with your baby to distract them from the pain.

Many parents use routine as part of a soothing and safe daily pattern. myHummy bear will be a perfect addition to your evening routine or an afternoon nap. In the evening the humming sound will help the child smoothly transition into a state of relaxation, while during a nap it will block out the noises from the house or outside.

On a walk and in a car
The large myHummy bear offers a smart and practical option: an additional plush pouch with a teether. You can put the Humming Heart  into the heart-shaped pouch and easily attach it to the pram or the car seat. Thanks to this option you can still enjoy the benefits of the favourite soothing sounds out and about, without adding extra weight to the changing bag or pram. The older children, however, may find it difficult to part with the beloved toy so you may not always be able to travel light ?

Relaxing older children
Pre-schoolers’ days are filled with emotions. Naps and night rest are the time when they recharge their batteries so that they can dive into playing and discovering the world just after they open their eyes. myHummy bears support their development, being a favourite toy and a source of soothing sounds that gives them a break from excitement of every day.

Bears for special missions ?
The Smarthearts, the Sleephearts and the Sweethearts will help not only children. Adults are also quick to discover that when they switch the myHummy bear on to lull their little ones to sleep, they also drift away. Sometimes even faster than their children ? This is because white and pink noise have an effect on people of all ages. They help reduce stress and tensions and alleviate headaches and insomnia.

Some people will even use white and pink noise to calm their dogs and cats, for example to reduce stress during New Year’s Eve fireworks. It’s true – myHummy bears can help anyone!