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When should we make the myHummy bear part of baby’s evening rituals?


When should we make the myHummy bear part of baby’s evening rituals?

When should we make the myHummy bear part of baby’s evening rituals?

Hooray! Your myHummy bear has finally arrived and is sure to be a soothing friend for your little one! When should you make soothing sounds part of baby’s evening rituals?


The adventure begins

Looking both exhausted and happy at the same time, new parents are pretty easy to spot ?. However, in many cases, with each passing week their joy is gradually overshadowed by a permanent lack of sleep.

Unlike adults, newborns have a non-existent routine and they find it difficult to distinguish between day and night. Add to this on-demand feeding round the clock (which may even be every 20 minutes!) and you’ll get the picture. Very young babies may sleep up to 16-20 hours per day in total, but the night is not a special time of rest for them.

Humming peace

In the first months of the baby’s life, parents adjust their lifestyle to the baby’s needs and the whole family routine is turned upside down. This is perfectly normal and with time the new family will find the schedule that suits everyone.

White and pink noise can help babies fall asleep and sleep peacefully right from the day one. According to Dr Harvey Karp, a world-known paediatrician and expert on child development, shushing sounds are one of the key five elements necessary for the proper development of newborns and infants. The other four are swaddling, side or stomach position, swinging and sucking.

The difference between day and night

Routine is a popular way to help the baby adjust to the day and night schedule of the rest of the family. As these are activities are repeated, with time your little one will get to associate them with specific events.

For example, in the morning the curtains are opened, the radio is turned on and everyone gets ready to start the day. An evening routine may include soothing, relaxing music, a bath, oil massage, and soft lighting.

The bear’s sounds promote calmness

The sounds generated by myHummy bears are well worth adding to your routines as a safe method of helping the child fall asleep and to highlight that now is the time to relax. As every baby is different, they will react to white and pink noise differently. For some of them, it will be a cue to fall asleep in a blink of an eye, while for others it will help with a more gradual relaxation and slow falling asleep.

During your evening routine, you can set your myHummy bear to emit soft sounds in low volume, providing a soothing background to the end of the day. You can also choose to have the sound of waves playing only during a bath and relaxing massage. This way, baby will start to associate the sound with night rest.