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Pink noise - what is this? Advantages and uses


Pink noise - what is this? Advantages and uses

Pink noise - what is this? Advantages and uses

Putting children to sleep with a dryer or a vacuum cleaner working nearby is becoming a thing of the past. It’s because there a cozy and sweet teddy bears which emit similar sounds of the same effectiveness! Pink noise for babies is still a reliable way to help your baby fall asleep.

What is pink noise machine? What are examples of pink noise?

Hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and kitchen hoods have been helping parents put their babies to sleep for many years now. Today we know that it is not some "magic" of these home devices that affects newborns, but their sound, most often called white noise. Simply put, it is nothing more than a uniform, monotonous sound without individual sounds of a different pitch. Pink noise masks other noises and background noises - house, street, etc.


In recent years, however, pink noise has become more and more popular - especially for sleep in newborns and infants. How is it different from white noise? Is it better for putting children to sleep?

Pink and white noises are very similar sounds. The only difference is that pink noise ids characterised by limited higher frequencies. To use an example, when it’s raining outside and you are at home, white noise is the sound of rain you hear with the window open and pink noise will be the sound of the same rain with the widow closed.

To visualize it differently, white noise sounds like a hissing "sssss" and pink noise more like "ffffff". Hence, pink noise is perceived as more pleasant to the ear, although the difference when listening to both sounds for the first time is minimal.

However, this does not mean that pink noise is safer or better for children. Some babies will prefer the more intense sounds like white noise, others softer pink noise. The most important thing is that they are not too loud and do not exceed safety standards of 60 db.


Pink noise sleep - benefits

For many years, scientists have been studying the effects of such sounds on our nervous system, and the results are very interesting. It has been proven that the sound from the so-called balanced spectrum (including pink as well as white, brown and purple noises) have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, also in the neonatal period. These noises help you calm down and fall asleep. This happens because babies heard similar sounds in their mother's womb. After birth, they associate them with a safe and warm environment, so they calm down faster and fall asleep easier.


Research on pink noise has also shown that it has a special effect on maintaining a restful sleep. That's not all! Pink noise not only helps you fall asleep deeply, but also makes it easier to recall information from memory.


How to use pink noise with your baby?

In recent years, humming toys have been a sensation among young parents. No wonder parents of newborns and toddlers are so eager to reach for pink noise machine. They make it easier for toddlers to fall asleep and help parents in the difficult first months of a child's life.

However, it is worth remembering that not all of them are safe for babies. Choose white noise toys that are certified, tested and meet the safety regulations with regards to volume standards for toys.

All the humming toys in myHummy collection meet the restrictions and their volume does not exceed 60db – in accordance with EU regulations. It is very important for baby's health and proper development.

myHummy toys emit as many as 5 types of white and pink noises - among them there is pink noise, as well as white noise, the sound of the sea, falling rain and amniotic waters with a beating heart. All sounds are safe as of first days of life.

When using pink or other noises to put your baby to sleep, one should also remember that the sound should accompany the baby only while falling asleep - for a maximum of 1-1.5 hours.

During daytime activities, all sounds from the environment should not be limited by humming devices – children learn and develop properly when hearing natural sounds while being awake. Use white and pink noise baby machines when going to sleep at night and when napping.  In addition, assist your baby with white and pink noise when falling asleep. In deeper phases of sleep, it is not needed, that is why myHummy toys fade out after max 60 minutes.