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myHummy bears help children fall asleep. How does it work?

myHummy bears help children fall asleep. How does it work?

myHummy bears help children fall asleep. How does it work?

It looks like magic. A lovely bear from the Smarthearts, the Sleephearts and the Sweethearts has finally arrived! You put your myHummy close to your tiny tot, turn it on via the app… And suddenly your baby, who has been fussing for the last hour, closes their eyes and goes out like a light.

A heart that lulls babies to sleep

myHummy are three families of teddy bears equipped with heart-shaped devices. These devices emit five types of sounds, which are white noise, pink noise, amniotic fluid with Mum’s heartbeat (the sound that babies heard in the womb), rain and waves. 

myHummy bear’s heart may be turned on manually by pressing on it or remotely, via a special app (Bluetooth models only; the bear connects with your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy).

How myHummy helps your baby sleep

Sounds in the womb are far from sweet harp music. Quite the opposite: the womb is kind of a noisy place! The monotonous sound of the flowing cord blood or amniotic fluid is well known to babies, from the moment they can hear. 

After children are born, it is white and pink noise that reminds them of the snug, peaceful and warm environment of the womb. This promotes relaxation and helps calm down almost instantly.

In the beginning, you ight choose to use your myHummy at a low volume, to avoid startling your baby. If necessary, the volume may be increased remotely via an app or manually by pressing and holding the button on the bear’s heart until your preferred volume is reached.

I am always close to you

White and pink noise soothe babies and calm them down. Initially, the noise helps them fall asleep and stay asleep peacefully for a longer time.

myHummy bears have two very handy features: Sleep Sensor and non-stop mode. In the non-stop mode, your chosen sound plays continuously for up to 12 hours. In the Sleep Sensor mode, myHummy emits your chosen sound for 60 minutes, then gradually fades out until it switches off, entering the 12-hour standby phase. When your baby makes any sound or starts crying, your chosen sound will gently fade back in. Thanks to this clever Sleep Sensor, the your baby will hear the soothing sound and is likely to self soothe back to sleep. (The non-stop and Sleep Sensor functions aren’t available in the Basic models).

The largest bears come included with a handy plush pouch that can hold the Humming Heart so that you can take it with you for a walk or attach it to the car seat. With a practical attachment ring (that doubles as a teether), the pouch is a must-have for any tiny traveller. Now the soothing sounds are can be within easy reach!


It is said that young children like daily routine, as it makes them feel safer. They associate humming sounds with safety and relaxation. 

Quite often, after a rather short time of successfully using white or pink noise, you will notice that as soon as your myHummy bear is turned on, your baby will start to drift off to the land of dreams. This beneficial effect of noise may be used during your little one’s evening soothing ritual to prepare them for a peaceful night rest.