The wait is finally over!

White noise just got a face lift. With this new launch of teddies we are making a big push for baby sleep safety awareness with the addition of a cot attachment ring on every single myHummy bear. As per the Lullaby Trust guidelines, babies under 12 months should not sleep with toys in the crib. Now every myHummy can be secured out of reach of inquisitive little hands while lulling them gently to sleep.

The new bears still hold the fabulous, original 5 sound of myHummy. Our sounds are so good at helping little ones sleep that we simply couldn’t make them any better than they already are!!

The myHummy app has been such a huge hit since we launched it back in February this year. With every other part of myHummy getting a revamp, the app couldn’t be left out! Along with some fine-tuning and a general spruce up, the app now contains a Photo Editor. With this new feature you can snap a pic of your adorable little one and adorn it with myHummy ‘Milestone Stickers’, then share it with your loved ones and let them see what you’re up to.

The new myHummy collection is divided into two families: the Sweethearts and the Smarthearts. Each family contains three members, each member with their own unique name and style! All the teddies have the same basic functions but can be purchased with a wide variety of different, additional features to suit every home.

All myHummy teddies are safe to use from birth, and – what EVERY parent will appreciate – are machine washable!

“We have worked tirelessly to bring this new collection of myHummy bears to life. Our goal is to even better support parents and their babies. We know how important sleep is and how well rested babies and parents make happy families. We have sleep at heart of everything we do.” – says Anna Skorzynska, the founder of myHummy.

With the upgraded app, cute new designs and additional sleep safety measures, we have checked all the boxes of what you could ever desire in a sleep aid for your little one!

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re here every day via Facebook DM or email at

Happy snoozing…
Love, Team myHummy x