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Lost Snoozy Makes It Home!

Lost Snoozy Makes It Home!

Lost Snoozy Makes It Home!

Snoozy has been reunited with her family after a rather grand adventure!

Lizzie and her family were flying out of Manchester airport, jetting off on a lovely family holiday, when suddenly they realised a member of the family was missing – their beloved pink Snoozy! They searched everywhere for her but to no avail.

Little did they know that across the airport, mummy Kathryn was also there with her families beloved pink Snoozy. Suddenly, Kathryn noticed that her 1 pink Snoozy had become 2 pink Snoozies!

Without hesitation, she took to Facebook to find the rightful owner of the stowaway. Lizzie recognised her girl from Kathryn’s photo and got in touch straight away!

“I’ve just seen the facebook post about a lost my hummy at Manchester airport!” – Lizzie

As soon as we confirmed it was Lizzie’s Snoozy, we quickly arranged a courier service to bring her home. Snoozy was collected from Kathryn’s house and was back with her family just three days later!

“I just wanted to let you know that the parcel arrived today and my daughter will soon be having a nap with her snoozy. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to reunite us… you have now impressed me with the company’s values and in particular, how amazing you have been personally! This is a heartfelt thank you from a very pleased mummy.” – Lizzie

The power of the internet really can be incredible <3

“I am over the moon that your Facebook post reunited us and your generosity in getting the item back to us.” – Lizzie

A very happy mummy then posted a wonderful review to our Facebook which you can read here.

We’re so pleased that we could help reunite this lovely family, it’s smiles and snoozing all round!

Team myHummy x