Is it too late for my little one to make friends with myHummy bear?


Is it too late for my little one to make friends with myHummy bear?

Is it too late for my little one to make friends with myHummy bear?

Children grow up so fast. They grow out of their tiny cute onesies, their pram, their sling… But it seems as if they were born just yesterday! Isn’t it the same with white noise? Is it too late for myHummy bear if your baby isn’t a newborn?

The beginnings
Birth is a transition from a space filled with monotonous, soothing sounds of amniotic fluid and blood into a world full of different sounds. Overwhelming noises of the outside world can be too intense for your newborn’s delicate ears, causing them distress.

In the very beginning, we often tend to be very quiet around the baby, limiting acoustic stimuli. And our baby… keeps on crying. On the contrary to our instincts, they don’t need complete silence, as the womb was quite a noisy place, reching up to 90 decibels (equivalent of a lawnmower).

Well-known sounds
That is why it is an excellent idea to add white and pink noise to the newborn’s environment from the very first day to mask unwanted sounds and promote relaxation. These sounds resemble the sounds that surrounded your baby throughout the first 9 months and they have a beneficial effect on most newborns.

I am growing up!
Baby’s senses are getting more developed each month. Your baby is getting used to the sounds around them and is learning how to react more calmly to them. Also, your baby is starting to recognize the familiar sounds. myHummy is also helping create the safe environment and association for your little one and their beloved myHummy bear continues to help your baby fall asleep and feel safe.

myHummy bear – you little helper
It is never too late to introduce your little one to white and pink noise. 

Actually, white and pink noise can help people of all ages. For most of us the sound will have a calming effect, helping us de-stress. It can also help us with falling asleep. In case of older children, the sounds can help them relax after a busy day of playing around, as they tune out the distracting sounds around them.

We are living in the fast lane and it is often noisy around us. Noises coming from outside, music and conversations can be tiring and overstimulating for us. myHummy bear families (the Smarthearts, the Sleephearts and the Sweethearts) and their carefully chosen soothing sounds are on a mission to help anyone fall asleep ?