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Conquer Daylight Saving with our tips on keeping little ones asleep.


Conquer Daylight Saving with our tips on keeping little ones asleep.

Conquer Daylight Saving with our tips on keeping little ones asleep.

Remember way back when, when the clocks ‘falling back’ was music to your ears? “Yes!” you’d exclaim as you meticulously planned all the dreams you wouldn’t remember for that gorgeous extra hour in bed… bliss… but then you had kids.

It’s a very different feeling now, knowing that your little ones just don’t care about that glorious extra bed hour, knowing that your 6am start is about to become a 5am start. Knowing that the farmers are ruining your life with their ‘daylight saving’ nonsense.

Well I guess there’s nothing we mere mortals can do about it apart from curse at a bag of potatoes in Tesco. Anywho, no more complaining, lets come up with some solutions to this ungodly extra hour.


Push dinner back by 15 minutes.
If you usually eat around 5pm, quietly push it back to 5.15pm even if you have to negotiate a small snack.
¼ hour conquered.

Push the bedtime routine back by 30 minutes.
If your ‘sleepy time’ nightly routine usually starts at 6pm, quietly push it back ‘til 6.30pm. It will only feel like 15 minutes later than normal as the kids only just finished dinner!
½ hour conquered.




Now turn on your myHummy.
Now that you’ve only got another 30 minutes to deal with, the only solution is white noise.

White noise helps babies and toddlers get to sleep, but more importantly, it helps them stay asleep. MyHummy’s genius Sleep Sensor will pick up on noises that suggest your little one is in a light sleep and about to wake up. The white noise will gently fade in before they are fully awake and lull them back off to the land of nod.
1 full hour conquered.
You are Daylight Saving Royalty.


So be prepared for the turning times, get yourself a myHummy!

One myHummy mummy recently told us:

“The myHummy not only sends Charleigh to sleep and encourages her to sleep longer, but it looks adorable in doing so!” – Chelsey’Marie Schofield

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