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Baby not sleeping - find out the possible reasons


Baby not sleeping - find out the possible reasons

Baby not sleeping - find out the possible reasons

Ever wonder how to get newborn to sleep longer at night and ask yourself repeatedly why is my baby not sleeping?

My baby won't sleep - this is the biggest nightmare of new parents. Sweet photos of blissfully sleeping babies, unfortunately, often do not match the reality. And although a newborn should sleep up to 20 hours a day, sometimes it is difficult for him to sleep even an hour continuously. Why is this happening? Here are some of the most common reasons of a baby not sleeping at night.

Why is my baby not sleeping? - when something hurts

Let's start with checking if our baby is in pain. Although we know that the diaper is changed, the baby is fed and theoretically he/she should sleep peacefully, it may turn out that he/she is in pain and thus crying. What can be the medical reasons baby won't sleep? Most often the tummy. Newborn babies are just learning to suck the breast or drink from a bottle and sometimes it happens that they swallow too much air, which usually ends with abdominal pain.

A breastfed baby may also be harmed by the food their mother ate earlier. Here it is very important to observe the child, be able to see the cause and correct it. The easiest way is to eliminate an ingredient from the mother's diet for approximately two weeks and check if the stomach aches will pass. It's best to start with dairy products, because it's the most common allergen in humans. If, after mum's break in eating dairy products, the baby ceases to have abdominal problems, we are at home. And if newborn baby not sleeping still, try choosing a different dietary component and observing the baby again.

You should see your doctor as soon as possible if you experience persistent stomach ache or if you have notice blood in your baby's stools.


More medical reasons baby won't sleep - when constipated 

Constipation is often associated with stomach pain. The newborn does not want to sleep at night, then one is tense with pain and cries, and the parents look for a way to help. Constipation is rare for breastfed newborns because mother's milk is easier to digest, and babies who are fed with modified milk suffer more often. How to help a child? It is best to start with a gentle massage of the tummy - circular movements from the navel, in the clockwise direction. You can also try the bicycle method, i.e. moving the baby's feet like riding a bicycle. It is also worth preparing a warm bath. It relaxes the tummy and helps to defecate.

Remember that long-term problems with a baby's defecation should be consulted with a doctor.


Why does my baby not sleep? - when hungry

Unfortunately, babies cannot explain to us their needs, such as being hungry – the only way they can communicate, that there’s an unmet need, is by crying. Some newborns have a fairly regular eating pattern from the first days of life - every two or three hours. Others eat "on demand," which often results in mom holding the baby for half a day. What it comes from? Some newborns eat until they are full, while others, who are attached to the breast, will fall asleep while sleeping and soon become hungry again. Sometimes it also happens that we think that the baby is full because was eating for a long time while it turns out that a mum has simply little food and the baby has not eaten well enough. And this is very often the reason why the newborn is awake - even though it seems to us that it is fed and should sleep soundly. It’s good to observe if your baby is gaining weight. It is a signal if your milk production is sufficient.

If we are sure that the baby eats properly during one feeding, it is worth - if possible - trying to maintain a constant rhythm of eating and breaks in eating. This will facilitate the baby's digestion and help in creating daily routines.


Baby won't sleep in heat

The newborn baby experienced a shock passing from mother's warm, safe belly to our world. But this does not mean that we will help him to get used to it by covering with thick layers of duvets and blankets. It’s not necessarily the best baby sleep aid.

It's true that your little one needs warmth, but in moderation. Nobody sleeps well when they feel overheated. Newborns need to be provided with conditions similar to those from their mother's belly during the first weeks of life, so let's wrap them in light blankets or cotton diapers. Tightly wrapped babies feel warm and safe and do not need thick covers.


Baby with cold won't sleep.

A stuffy nose is a great trouble for a newborn or infant. While breastfeeding or eating from a bottle, the baby breathes through the nose. That is why a blocked nose prevents them from eating calmly, which irritates them, they get nervous and the baby will not sleep. When finally falling asleep, they also want to instinctively breathe through their nose, so every now and then they wake up and cry.

One of the reasons for a stuffy nose may be too dry air in baby's room. It is worth ventilating the room regularly, especially before the night, and dusting the furniture to keep the air fresh and clean. If it's still too dry, it's a good idea to get an air humidifier.

If your baby's nose is blocked and runny after a few days, it is best to consult a pediatrician as soon as possible. Newborns can develop otitis quickly, so the baby’s runny nose should not be underestimated.

A newborn baby does not want to sleep - when he has too many sensations

After birth, babies go to a completely foreign world. However, they quickly get used to the smell of their loved ones, home and everyday sounds. But when there are guests in the house and a lot of noise with them, or we go with the baby to a new place - shopping or to visit friends and his daily rhythm changes, it may feel restless and have problems falling asleep. It's a lot of excitement for him! That is why it is worth remembering about the rituals that can be kept after all - the hours of feeding and napping, your favorite blanket while sleeping, humming teddy bear, etc.

A newborn baby does not want to sleep - when his diaper is full

Some babies do not react to a wet diaper, but others do not tolerate even a small amount of moisture at the bottom. Such children will wake up, wake up and cry frequently. The only way to help them sleep well is to change the diaper frequently. Try to ensure that the baby always falls asleep in a dry, freshly changed diaper, it will guarantee the newborn a longer sleep.

A newborn baby does not want to sleep - when he has a rash or burns

A newborn baby has very sensitive and delicate skin. Any rush or nappy burns result in newborn crying and trouble sleeping. The easiest way to prevent this is by taking care of the proper hygiene of your baby's bottom. The most important thing is to change your toddler's diaper regularly. Every time you change your baby's diaper, be sure to wash your baby's bottom - preferably with water or with mild moisturizing wipes. Then dry it well and rub it with cream or diaper balm.

You need to carefully observe the baby's skin under the diaper - if the rash persists, the diaper may be a problem - then it is worth trying another brand.

A newborn baby does not want to sleep - when it's too quiet or too loud

It is not true that for 9 months in mother’s womb, a baby stays in total silence, not accompanied by any sounds. Babies can hear the sounds of the amniotic fluid and the surrounding sounds, also from the outside world. Therefore, when born, babies do not need complete silence to sleep. You don't need to tiptoe around your little one and be careful not to produce any noises.

The little ones are used to the noises from their mother's tummy, which is why they eagerly fall asleep with them as they associate these sounds with safe and .blissful time in the womb. myHummy white and pink noise teddy bears are perfect here - they emit 5 types of white and pink noises to suit the different tastes of babies and are safe from the first day of life.

The sounds of the teddy bear mask the sounds from the environment that may actually wake the child up and at the same time white and pink noises provide the child with the sound that they know so well. It calms babies down and helps them fall asleep peacefully.

There are also some other reasons for babies crying, like baby won't sleep unless held, baby won't sleep on back which rise questions like why does my baby not sleep or what to do when baby is wide awake in the middle of the night.

If you are wondering why the baby is awake, and you are sure that it is in not the case of your baby being in pain, be sure to try myHummy. Children all over the world fall asleep with these baby friendly sleep aids.