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Babyshower gifts

Babyshower is a great opportunity to collect gadgets for parents and a baby that are helpful after birth. Friends come to the party with bags of gifts, so the expecting mother can certainly reduce her expenses. The most important thing is to choose a baby shower gifts properly - so that it will work for the parents and be useful for the baby.

How to buy unique baby shower gifts?

The choice is huge! The market is full of toys, teethers, blankets and clothes. But not all gadgets will work as a pregnancy gift. It is worth choosing either things that fall into the “never too many” group or those that are a considerable expense for the future mother and we can thus make her a pleasant surprise.

myHummy baby shower gift ideas

In our shop, you can find gift ideas for mothers and children, like boy baby shower gifts or baby shower gifts for mum. We recommend sets of bamboo nappies and swaddles. They are made of high-quality natural bamboo fiber. They are safe and needed from the first moments of life - they are delicate, soft and will not irritate the sensitive skin of the newborn. Nappies and swaddles are available in sets in various colours and patterns. They look really beautiful and they will be a perfect unisex baby shower gifts.


Swaddles and nappies also come in sets with our humming teddy bears. It is a very desirable and popular gift among mothers. myHummy teddy bears calm babies down and help them falling asleep calmly. The humming teddy bears will help parents in the hardships of the first months of parenthood and will become the toddler's first toy friend.

Nappies and swaddles will surely be useful to every parent from the first days after birth: to swaddle a baby, cover it on a warm day, wipe the delicate skin. Such a set is a beautiful, recommended and practical idea for best baby shower gifts.

Every future mom would surely be pleased with a humming set: a humming teddy bear sleep aid and a pillow. This is our proposal for a baby's bedroom. myHummy lulls the newborn to sleep and the pillow is a beautiful decoration the child's room and could also help while breastfeeding. When the baby grows older, the pillow will serve during naps, plays or as a soft pad to sit on. Isn’t it a great idea for a gift for mom to be?

Our shop also offers mini spa sets for mom – before and after giving birth. myHummy beauty set consists of 4 elements: a washcloth glove, a make-up remover glove, a hair band (for make-up removal) and 3 reusable make-up removal discs. All products are made of the highest quality bamboo cloth.


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