Travel Humming Heart Pouch - Pink

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Travel Humming Heart Pouch - pink

myHummy heart pocket is a nice practical and handy case for the humming sound device. The pocket is fastened with Velcro to keep the mechanism safely hidden. It is made of a nice-to-touch Minky fabric.

The pocket has a special pendant that can also be used as a teether.

It allows you to quickly and conveniently attach the pouch, with the sound device inside, to a baby stroller, car seat or your bag with toddler's belongings. It will be perfect in situations where you cannot take a large myHummy toy with you. Perfect to use when traveling by car, going for a walk or during a flight by plane. Your little one will be able to sleep peacefully listening to the calming sounds one knows from home sleep routines.

The humming pouch is made of certified material that is safe for the youngest children. It can be easily washed in the washing machine (without the humming mechanism) and dried in a drying machine.


Dimensions: 14x15cm.

Note: The plush pouch is added as a free gift to the following myHummy products: Leon, Lena, Max, Mia, Sophie and Sam.

Composition: 90% Polyester, 10% Cotton

Please note - humming heart is not included.

Why does myHummy help babies fall asleep?

Is myHummy appropriate for any age?

How does the app work?

Can myHummy be washed?

How much noise does myHummy have?

Can you control two different Bluetooth devices via the app simultaneously?

Unfortunately, you are unable to control two myHummy bears from the same phone simultaneously. You can however pair each of them successively with your phone in order to control their settings. 

How long does myHummy play sounds for?

myHummy plays sounds for 60 minutes and then gradually fades out. After that, the models featuring the Sleep Sensor go into stand-by mode in which the sound comes on again if the baby starts to stir or if there is an increase in background noise. 

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Safety above all

We make every effort to ensure that each myHummy is of the highest quality and completely safe for your child.