myCuddly blue

5 noises + sleep sensor

Sleep sensor

5 noises + sleep sensor

with Classical Music

3in1: 5 noises + lullabies + classical music

  • 5 white & pink noises
  • Sleep sensor
  • Adjustable volume

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Dou dou humming cuddly blanket - blue

The humming doudou blanket will serve your baby from the first moments of life. It will also be a great help for parents. Cuddly doudou will quickly calm the baby down and help him fall asleep, and the soft-touch blanket will be perfect to cuddle to.

After a few weeks, the dou dou mascot will also become baby's first cuddly toy.

Doudou, your baby’s first cuddly toy has a humming heart inside which emits 5 types of white and pink noises. Babies love to fall asleep to these sounds as they remember them from their mother's womb. Newborns associate such sounds with warmth and safety, so they easily calm down and fall asleep.

You can choose from 2 humming sound devices with different functions. Check the table below to see what each of them can do.



The 3-in-1 version, apart from white and pink noise, also includes beautiful lullabies sung in whisper which makes it perfect for an infant who needs a moment of relaxation before going to bed.

The 3-in-1 humming sleep aid also plays selected pieces by Mozart in calm arrangements, which have a positive effect on the development of babies’ brain, also while still in the womb.

You can also attach a pacifier or teether to one of the corners of the doudou blanket so that they do not get lost easily.

The doudou blanket is safe from birth. It is made of certified materials. It can be safely machine washed at 40 degrees of Celsius (after removing the sound device)

All myHummy products are 100% produced in Poland.  They are produced in our own sewing factory.

 Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 7 cm


Do you know that children should not sleep with the light on?

Even in the weakest light can adversely affect their eyesight. The eye, receiving the stimulus in the form of light, does not rest at night and develops in unfavorable conditions.

Even soft light can disturb the satiety hormone. That is why it is so important to get our baby used to sleeping in the dark.


All myHummy toys are machine washable.

Suitable from birth.

Made in EU.

Dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm x 7 cm

Three AAA batteries (not included) are required to operate the humming mechanism.

Why does myHummy help babies fall asleep?

Is myHummy appropriate for any age?

How does the app work?

Can myHummy be washed?

How much noise does myHummy have?

Can you control two different Bluetooth devices via the app simultaneously?

Unfortunately, you are unable to control two myHummy bears from the same phone simultaneously. You can however pair each of them successively with your phone in order to control their settings. 

How long does myHummy play sounds for?

myHummy plays sounds for 60 minutes and then gradually fades out. After that, the models featuring the Sleep Sensor go into stand-by mode in which the sound comes on again if the baby starts to stir or if there is an increase in background noise. 

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Safety above all

We make every effort to ensure that each myHummy is of the highest quality and completely safe for your child.