Dear Parents,

We know well how wonderful but, at times, challenging it is to be a new parent. We are here to support you along the way. We recommend myHummy because we know it works!

Every day we receive encouraging messages from mums and dads around the world. Here are just a few:


SO pleased that I finally bought a MyHummy! My daughter is ten months and has slept through the night since she was 8 weeks old but for the last month and a half, she has been waking frequently in the night and refusing to go back down and her usual 1-1.5 hour long naps had been exchanged for 20 minute cat naps! ‘Fleur’ arrived yesterday, just in time for her morning nap. Susie went straight to sleep with no fuss and stayed asleep for an hour and her afternoon nap was an hour and a half long! She went down to bed at 7.30 and I even managed to have a nice long bath and she stayed fast asleep til 6.30 when she stirred and the sleep sensor reactivated MyHummy and she went back to sleep until 8.30! So pleased that I bought this, last night was the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages! Would recommend to anyone that is struggling with sleepless night, no matter what age your little one is. Thank you MyHummy!

Tasha Manning

We have been using our Filbert for almost a year now. We tried other white noise machines, but I couldn't find one with the right tune of noise, so I kept playing it on my phone, all night, every night. 😐😯 But then I found MyHummy. (...) I like the design so so much, Filbert is such a cutie! 😍 and the quality is superb! I like that you can change the volume, sometimes you need to turn the volume quite high, to overpower little ones crying. Only thing is - I would advise to invest to a good rechargeable batteries and a charger, they are not too expensive and at the end it will be cheaper than to use disposable ones. Thank you MyHummy for this brilliant product, I'm recommending it to everyone.

Marta Tonenka

My son has been using my hummy for a week now. I am glad I didn’t just knock it after a day as didn’t seem to do much at first, but I have had it on ever since we brought it and it works a miracle now it settles him. He’s currently 7 weeks old and I know that my hummy will be his forever teddy heartheart_eyes The quality of the teddy is also amazing so would 100% recommend heart

Chelsea Webster

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