So… Is myHummy really this good?

“I’ll be honest with you, when my wife first bought a MyHummy back in the summer of 2017 I thought she’d been tucked up. I thought it was a bit of a pointless product aimed at worried new parents that wouldn’t work.” 2nd baby and the 3rd myHummy later, Ross from Isablog is sharing his opinions … read more

Do myHummy bears work from the very first use?

Children have different ways of falling asleep. The purpose of adding white or pink noise to the evening ritual is to help your baby relax and fall asleep peacefully. But will myHummy bears work from the very first use? Safety and comfort Being close to another person is the absolute key for a baby in … read more

Myth busting

Humming sounds have been used for centuries to calm unsettled babies. When you hold a crying baby in your arms, you tend to instinctively hold them tight, rocking and shushing to try and calm them. The magic of white noise (these shushing sounds) is real, however, some parents are concerned about using electronic devices emitting … read more

How much should children at different ages sleep?

When a baby is born, Mom and Dad’s sleep needs become less important. At first, the emotions triggered by the birth of their little one are so powerful that parents have neither the time, nor the intention to rest. But after just a few weeks, new parents start to wonder: will we get a good … read more

How to establish your own evening routine?

For adults, it is natural that night time is for sleeping while day time is for being active. For newborns this may be far from obvious. How can you teach your little one to distinguish between day and night? What can you use to help? Less and less but longer and longer Newborns have a … read more

When will myHummy bears work best?

myHummy bears are exceptionally hard-working. Lulling children to sleep is not their only job. Below we listed some of the practical uses of our amazing bear-heroes. After birth myHummy bears can be safely used from the very first day of life. They are widely used in neonatal care units to help premature babies get adjusted … read more

Will myHummy bears work for any baby?

Every child unique – that’s for sure! So, are myHummy bears going to work for each baby? What does the myHummy bear sound like? All bears from myHummy families (the Smarthearts, the Sleephearts and the Sweethearts alike), play five types of sounds. These resemble: the sound of sea waves, rain, heartbeat, white noise and pink … read more

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