White and pink noise: what is that?

Have you heard about our myHummy families: the Sweethearts, the Smarthearts and the Sleephearts? Each of these brave bears emits 5 types of sounds. While most of us know the sound of waves or rain, white noise and pink noise sound a bit mysterious. What is that, then? Things parents talk about New parents seem … read more

Will white noise help baby sleep better? by Katy Huyerman

Katy Huyerman is a Baby and Child Sleep Consultant and a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. Katy offers sleep support to families of babies and children from newborns up to 7 years old. She is a mum of 2, and struggled with sleep deprivation herself after the birth of her son. Because of … read more

myHummy Max – Review

“Since we have had Max, which has been about a month, he has been the best thing ever! Grayson can now go down in his cot wide awake (obviously i only put him down when he is tired) i turn Max on and within 15 mins if not less, he is spark out in his … read more

myHummy Reviewed by Ali from wemadethislife

“Baby N is our fourth baby so we knew exactly what to expect with sleepless nights with a newborn and we wanted to get prepared for it! I know from experience that white noise definitely helps babies to settle to sleep (and stay asleep longer!)” – Ali surely knows what she’s talking about! Read full … read more

GUEST BLOG POST – Mini First Aid’s Top Safety Tips

Our friends at Mini First Aid train over 1000 families a week across the UK in baby first aid. We are delighted they are sharing some of their experience and advice with us. Founder (and mum of 6!) Kate over to you.     “When we get ready for baby to arrive, we often focus on … read more

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