myHummy Reviewed by Ali from wemadethislife

“Baby N is our fourth baby so we knew exactly what to expect with sleepless nights with a newborn and we wanted to get prepared for it! I know from experience that white noise definitely helps babies to settle to sleep (and stay asleep longer!)” – Ali surely knows what she’s talking about! Read full … read more

GUEST BLOG POST – Mini First Aid’s Top Safety Tips

Our friends at Mini First Aid train over 1000 families a week across the UK in baby first aid. We are delighted they are sharing some of their experience and advice with us. Founder (and mum of 6!) Kate over to you.     “When we get ready for baby to arrive, we often focus on … read more

Teething Tips

The lovely founder of Yummikeys, Elspeth, has put together her top tips on getting through teething.   1. Keep sticks of cucumber in the fridge for your baby to chomp on. They’re cool to chew on and as they consist mostly of water they’re generally-considered ok before weaning. If your baby is weaning they may … read more


Rebecca has been trying out the new myHummy Mia with her daughter Cleo. Little Cleo ended up feeling a bit under the weather so Mia was really put to the test! “Even though I wanted to cuddle Cleo all the time when she was poorly, I need to have time for myself as well. MyHummy … read more


Mummy Rebekah has recently introduced her little girl, Esther, to Mia – myHummy’s newest little lady! They both love how squishy and cuddly Mia is, oh and how helpful she is at bedtime! “Esther is an early riser, and by “early riser” I mean she wakes anytime between 4-5:30am. The more the days go on … read more

Lena REVIEW by Ever After With Kids

Mum of 2, Kate, knows the feeling of complete exhaustion that comes from running on 0 sleep. Or should we say, used to know the feeling… “…after months and months of sleep deprivation, exhaustion and a baby that did not sleep, and did not even seem bothered that she did not sleep, MyHummy entered our … read more


Sisters, Kerry & Tara, have been putting the new Smartheart ‘Dad’ Max to the test! They are loving the new cot attachment feature! “We have been avid fans of myHummy and are forever thankful for them giving us precious Z’s with both Zac & Sam… When we heard about myHummy’s new collection we couldn’t wait … read more

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