Learn How Susanna, Mum of 7, Puts Baby Vinnie to Sleep

“Vinnie has always been a good sleeper and I think it’s mainly down to a set routine. Clean nappy, fresh pjs, clean his teeth and then 5 mins of fun before bed.

For bed I’ve always done the same: get him snuggled in his sleeping bag, dummy, comfort blanket and switch on his white noise, which for us is our myHummy.

It’s then a quick kiss and lights out and he’s settled down and gone to sleep. It’s only taken 6 children to realise routine really does pay off. Vinnie’s always had white noise since the first day he came home from hospital and knows it’s associated with sleep time.

It’s only taken 6 kids & 15 years to finally get a sleep routine So there is hope for any sleep-deprived parent!

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