Having a Baby During Lockdown & Top Tips for New Parents

An interview with Grace Woodbury, mum of Elliot and a myHummy Brand Ambassador. Follow Grace on Instagram & watch her videos on YouTube.

myHummy: What was the best piece of advice you were given as a new parent?

Grace Woodbury: The best piece of advice I was given as a new parent was to read about the 4th Trimester – I’d heard of it but didn’t really take the time to look it up until my son was actually here. However, it’s just as essential as looking into what to expect in all your other trimesters in pregnancy. It helped me understand how I could and should accommodate for a newborn to make the huge adjustment to life on the ‘outside’ more comfortable for them!

myHummy: What was the toughest moment as a new parent and how did you cope?

Grace: The toughest moment was probably the first five days after my son was born. It was during the lockdown and we were both kept in hospital without any visitors allowed… as a first-time mum it was incredibly daunting. Learning to breastfeed and care for a new baby without your immediate support network was so tough. The only thing that got me through those days was being able to FaceTime, message and call my husband/family.

myHummy: Did you work during your baby’s first year? If yes, how did you manage your time?

Grace: I went back to work part-time when my son was 4 months old. I managed my time with the help of my husband who shares the responsibility with me equally so we don’t have to rely on any outside child care. I feel really fortunate that we were both in a position to make it work so well.

myHummy: What is your top tip for any new parent?

Grace: My top tip is consistency. Find a routine that works for you ALL as a family and stick with it. Particularly at bedtime. Many people think routine has to mean sticking to strict time schedules however it’s really more about creating familiar habits your baby will learn and respond to.
We started off with a routine as simple as: •bath •cosy sleeping bag •white noise playing through the myHumny Mini • bedtime feed. As our son got older we’ve made it more interactive like offering him a baby massage or reading him a story as part of the night time routine. It has worked incredibly well for us since he was a newborn and he’s slept amazingly since really early on. He’s been sleeping through the night for a while now and we put it all down to the consistent routine!

Grace’s Review of myCuddly – the newest addition to the myHummy range of white noise toys for babies.

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