Baby Essentials by Kicks Count

We are absolutely delighted to be featured on Kicks Count!

MyHummy has been reviewed by Kicks Count’s newest pregnancy blogger, the lovely Sarah. Sarah has very kindly included myHummy in her “Baby Essentials”, a list that she has put together in preparation of the birth of her second child. As well as blogging for Kicks Count, Sarah runs her own gorgeous blog, missbettyandme.

See myHummy on Kicks Count’s Baby Essentials list!

Kicks Count is a charity organisation that aims to reduce the UK’s shockingly high stillbirth and neonatal death rate by raising awareness of the importance of baby’s movements. The charity provides free resources to midwives and their website provides crucial, up-to-date fetal movement and pregnancy information for mums and dads.

Kicks Count have a free mobile app that helps women to track their baby’s movements and identify changes quickly, as early delivery could save nearly a third of stillborn babies.

With a social media reach of 2 million and articles in national press, this charity is working tirelessly to raise awareness of stillbirth and neonatal death.

See how you can help.


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