Royal Gift to Help Prince Louis Sleep Like a King!

After a video was released of new daddy of 3, Prince William, falling asleep at the Anzac Day service just two days after little Louis’ arrival, we’re sure that he will be delighted to receive a myHummy! You can’t be expected to fulfil one’s Royal duties and parent a fleet of toddlers without a little helping hand (or paw!).

In 2016, whilst speaking with fellow parent, Abby Clancey, Prince William admitted that George “never slept” as a baby, and he also revealed his secret to calming George when he cried – running the tap as the sound of water soothed them. However, there’s science behind the running water, and it’s all to do with white noise. A study has shown that newborns are three times as likely to fall asleep when white noise is present, mimicking the sounds that they are used to within the womb. The myHummy sounds include a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, rainfall, ocean waves and amniotic fluid with heartbeat, so hopefully, with the gift of the special myHummy toy, the Royal water bill won’t sky rocket this time around!

The myHummy toy was sent to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with some extra special ‘Royal’ touches, including a personal message to the Duke and Duchess, a one of a kind bag and a blanket, which has been designed especially for the new prince’s arrival.

The limited collection ‘Royal Gift’ blanket will be for sale on our website to commemorate the occasion. We have also gifted a number of our award winning products to the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s hospital in London, where the Duchess of Cambridge delivered all of her children. We are always delighted to donate myHummy products to maternity units across the country. We hope that new Mums delivering their babies at the Lindo Wing will love having a myHummy by their side to aid their gorgeous newborns!

We truly hope that the addition of myHummy to the Royal family will assist the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in helping to settle the newborn Prince Louis. We’re known by parents across the globe because our products work – and it’s a real honour to be able to provide the Royal Family with a little assistance. We hope that it works for them as it has for so many new parents!

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