We’ve gone mobile!

MyHummy has gone mobile!


We’re so thrilled to bring you the latest myHummy models, compatible with our new mobile app! All the usual suspects are here, Filbert, Snoozy and the rest of the gang, except now you can control all of their clever settings straight from your phone!


We’ve taken our genius toys one step further and boldly gone where no white noise toy has gone before! MyHummy is the first white noise soft toy of its kind on the market that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.


Through the app, our lovely users can adjust all the sound settings such as the volume, type of white noise and the duration of sound before the myHummy goes into standby mode, this can be set anywhere between 10 minutes to 12 hours! The app also allows access to the new and unique Baby Monitor and Alarm modes, which will activate an alarm on the parent’s phone (within Bluetooth range) when the baby wakes up and starts to cry or, when noise is detected in their environment. And just as you were sure we’d thought of everything, you can also check the battery power and adjust the sensor sensitivity!


Marianna, wonder mum and girlboss director at myHummy UK says, “So many parents use white noise apps on their phones to help babies sleep. The apps work but have a few disadvantages. For starters, many parents are wary about putting a phone next to their baby’s head. Secondly, you may want to use your phone while baby is sleeping. And lastly, if the phone rings… well, that won’t go down well with a sleeping baby!  No such problems with the app integrated myHummy! We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to help so many new parents claim back their sanity since we launched our UK range back in 2016, and with our new app integrated ‘Humming Heart’, we’re hoping to help many more!


All in all, our new ‘Humming Hearts’ are very exciting and packed full of new features to make your life as easy as pie!


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