myHummy White Noise Toys

myHummy Sleep Aid for Babies

As new parents we learn the true value of sleep. In the first few months of parenthood every moment of rest is priceless. MyHummy white noise toys were created to help babies sleep and let parents regain time to themselves. Well rested babies and relaxed parents make happy families! MyHummy sleep aid for babies is a nursery essential and a perfect gift for a newborn baby.

White noise helps babies sleep

Newborn baby is three times more likely to fall asleep with white noise.

Babies feel safe with white noise

Newborn babies are not used to silence, they feel safe with the right amount of background noise.

White noise masks other sounds

Baby is less likely to wake up as a result of a sudden increase in the background noise.

The Sleep Sensor

One of the features that make myHummy sleep aid for babies so unique is the smart Sleep Sensor. It’s activated by motion and sound, so it reacts when the baby starts to stir, whimper or if there is an increase in the background noise.

Meet the Team

MyHummy sleep aid for babies is a brainchild of one mum who spent many sleepless nights soothing her baby with the sound of a hairdryer. On one such night the idea of myHummy was born! She teamed up with other parents to create this unique product.

anna skórzyńska
Mum of Antek and Helenka. Also, the mother of the humming bear idea.
Anna Skórzyńska
Marcin Gawroński
Dad of Wiktoria and Marcel. Responsible for myHummy' production.
Marcin Gawroński
Asia Wolsczak Uścińska
Mum of Olaf, Karolina and Alicja. She designed the whole myHummy collection.
Asia Wolszczak-Uścińska